How to be a Bridge Builder in Your Marriage

Falling in love is easy. Getting married is exhilarating. But building a great marriage is tough work! Every marriage is built on the quality of its communication. A Bridge Builder in a marriage knows how to communicate in a way that builds the marriage up, not erodes it.

Here are three qualities of a Bridge Builder:

1. A Bridge Builder shows care. When your spouse is talking to you, stop what you are doing. Put down your phone and look them in the eyes. Let them know you are fully engaged!

2. A Bridge Builder shows positivity. It is so easy to criticize our spouse’s actions, dreams, and opinions. Instead, choose words and tones that communicate positivity and encouragement.

3. A Bridge Builder shows grace. Changing your spouse is God’s work, not yours. Put your spouse in His hands and enjoy the person you fell in love with!

Everyone can learn to show care, positivity, and grace to their spouse. Practice becoming a Bridge Builder in your marriage and see your connection strengthen every day!

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