How to Cultivate Your Husband's Potential

God has designed marriage in such a way that spouses have the ability to see the potential in each other, maybe even before the other can. By design, your words and actions as a wife have the ability to help your husband grow into all that God has for him and for your family.

Here are 3 crucial ways you can help cultivate his potential:

1. Verbal encouragement: TELL him you are proud of him. TELL him you believe in his dreams. While you probably think these things, speaking them is what breathes life into their ability to be transformative.

2. Embrace his interests: Women connect through words; men connect through experiences! He feels love and connected to you when you join him in his favorite activities and events.

3. Be his first and last supporter. Life is full of ups and downs, but if he knows he always has you on his side, unconditionally, it will give him the confidence to pursue his dreams!

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