Stop, Drop and Roll: Tips on Taming Your Tongue


The Bible says our tongue can be a “flame of fire” (James 3:6). Alternatively, our tongue can be used to praise and encourage! We can determine the entire atmosphere of our home with the types of words that we speak and the attitudes with which we deliver them. Which category does your tongue fall under? Fire or praise? How do you think the atmosphere of your home is being shaped by your words?

Sticking with the “fire” analogy, let’s apply some fire-fighting techniques to the topic of controlling our tongues when we are faced with a potential blaze!

Stop. In the face of a conversation that is about to run out of control, stop and think; don’t say something out of heated emotion that will cause permanent damage to your relationship.

Drop. This conversation may need to be revisited later when emotions have cooled down and attitudes have had a chance to soften. It’s ok to drop a conversation and pick it back up in a day or so!

Roll. Be willing to move on with a good attitude. Honor your spouse with joy if they ask to continue the discussion later. Be able to “roll” along with grace for the good of your relationship.

When we choose to put out a fire instead of letting the room fill up with the smoke we’ve produced with our negative words, our relationships and home life will improve dramatically. Consider today how you can stop, drop, and roll your way to a more peaceful marriage!