Play Together, Stay Together!

If you were to choose a few words to describe your marriage, would the word “fun” be included in the list? Think back to the days you and your spouse were dating; I bet “fun” would be a perfect description of your time together during that season. So often, settling into the (wonderful!) routines of life leaves less room for the spontaneous fun we enjoyed during our days of courtship. Instead, we have to be very intentional to work it into our new routines.

Here are a few easy suggestions for keeping your marriage fun: 

1.   Laughter.  I bet you love to hear your spouse laugh. You probably love it even more when you are the one making them laugh! Keep the mood lighthearted by making each other laugh. Whether it be through silly text messages, inside jokes, or playful banter, make laughter a daily requirement!

2.   Date Night. Remember to continue dating your spouse! Make an effort to regularly arrange childcare and get out of the house together for a little while. Don’t feel the pressure to make every date fancy. Sometimes going grocery shopping together or exercising side-by-side is a relaxing alternative to dinner and a movie! 

3.   Travel. It is healthy to value an adults-only vacation. Whether this looks like a staycation in your city for the night, or planning a big trip each year, look ahead into your schedules and plan something. Bonus: It’s just as exciting to plan and anticipate a trip as it is to go on it!  

You and your spouse chose each other for many reasons, and at least one of those reasons was because of the fun you have together! Don’t let the busyness of life squeeze the fun out of your marriage. Be intentional about having fun with your one and only!