“Flowers for the first time in about eight years!”


“Flowers for the first time in about eight years!”

This is the text we received from a wife who attended one of our recent marriages intensives. Robert and Nancy were referred to The Clearing by their pastor. In fact, it was their pastor who raised the scholarship funds necessary for the couple to attend the Marriage Intensive and save their marriage.

Married for two decades, the two came in convinced that divorce was the only solution for their seemingly hopeless disconnection and apathy.

Four days later upon completion of the intensive, Nancy confessed, “I have been fighting the wrong enemy. I can hardly wait to get home to our teenagers to discuss with them the truth we have learned and the changes that have happened within us!"

Her husband agreed, saying  “I feel ‘brand new’ and grateful for a fresh start. I have broken free from my 'victim stance.’ My feelings and choices are my own responsibility. Taking care of my heart is my job, not my wife’s.  The best thing we both said to each other while we were here is ‘I'm sorry.’"

At The Clearing, we help couples find the pathway toward the healing and restoration of their marriage. We have a unique, Christ-centered model that condenses months’ of counseling into just 4 days.

Do you know a couple who is overwhelmed and not sure where to get the help they know they need? The Clearing can help. Connecting them is easy. Encourage them to visit  clearingretreat.org and click on “I’m ready to save my marriage.”

Please consider telling your Pastor about The Clearing!  Research shows that he most likely met this week with a couple needing a Marriage Intensive. Encourage him to email Deborah at Deborah@clearingretreat.org or give her a call at (979) 885-8121.