How to Cultivate Your Wife's Potential

Husbands, the covenant you share with your wife is unlike any other friendship you will ever experience. In no other relationship do your words and actions have such power and hold such weight. When stewarded with wisdom, your words and actions can bring out the very best in your wife!

Here are three practical ways you have the ability to cultivate the potential within her:

1.     Believe in her dreams: You are designed to be her biggest encourager! Don’t take her dreams lightly or scoff at them. Use your influence to help her develop the confidence she needs to run boldly towards them.

2.     Be emotionally available for conversation: If you want to see your wife flourish, open up your heart (and schedule), to allow her to share her day, heart, and needs with you. And then she would love your feedback!

3.     Encourage her through her low points: There will be times when your wife is unsure of herself and may lack the confidence needed to keep pursuing her dreams or to get past a roadblock. Be her biggest fan and remind her of who God created her to be and what he has called her to do!

We hope you have enjoyed this two-part cultivation series. Husbands and wives have the unique ability and responsibility to help each other grow into the fullness of their God-given potential. Even if this has not been the atmosphere of your marriage to date, you can start now!

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