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Cindy Irwin is the founder and executive director of LIFE BY DESIGN, a counseling center that specializes in Sexual Wholeness and Marriage and Family Counseling. Along with outpatient counseling, LIFE BY DESIGN serves as a resource on sexuality issues for the medical community and a training center for Masters Degree students. Cindy is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, the Association of Marriage and Family Ministries, is an author and speaker, and is a co-host with CHICK-CHAT, a nationally traveled Christian talk show for women. Cindy and her husband Steve have been married since 1985 and have two sons.

“God intended our sexuality to be a delightful overflow in our lives. Sadly, many couples who experience marital distress also experience the death of intimacy. Whether sexual problems have caused the breakdown, or are a result of marriage problems, an intensive can be the solution. The intensive gives us the needed time to look deeper into the heart of sexual wholeness. Together we can find the practical keys to intimate sexual fulfillment and the restoration of your marriage.”

A Word From Cindy