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Guy Gourley is a therapist, conference and seminar speaker, husband of twenty-six years, father of three, and founder of the Legacy Center for Christian Counseling in Houston. He holds two masters degrees, one from Dallas Theological Seminary in Biblical Studies and another in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas and an active member in the American Association of Christian Counselors. With over twenty-six years in counseling experience, Guy has a passion for people and relationship restoration and enrichment. He meets couples where they are to bring insight, compassion, and spiritual direction where they need it most.

“In counseling there are so many times I wish I had more time. I see couples on the brink of something really good happening and then I have to end the session. A Marriage Intensive allows me to take the time to really hear the deepest parts of the couple’s story. Every marriage has challenges and it often takes time for a person to feel safe enough to share their deepest wants, needs and desires. Sometimes the hurt is so deep they need the extra reassurance they are going to be heard and taken care of. A Marriage Intensive allows the couple to retreat, literally, and be taken care of physically, emotionally and spiritually. Join me on this journey and see the miracle that can happen.”