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Tricia Cunningham is atherapist for The Clearing, and has demonstrated her wisdom and compassion in counseling couples who have come to the Marriage Intensive Retreats. She began her career as a counselor at Gary Smalley’s counseling center, Today’s Family. She later became a Certified Lead Therapist, Director, and Executive Team member at the National Institute of Marriage. She is also a Certified Professional Life Coach. Tricia grew up in Argentina, the daughter of missionaries, and has spent her adult life in ministry with her husband in the Midwest. She has been married for twenty-six years and has three grown children.

“I wish every couple in America could experience a marriage intensive. Though most couples who attend are in crisis when they arrive, by far the majority leave hopeful and re-connected. They learn so much about themselves and their relationship, and are given tools to help them stay close and healthy throughout the rest of their marriage.”