The Clearing Retreat was founded with the committed vision to seeing marriage once again esteemed in the eyes of man as originally intended and designed by God.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: we desire to see marriages that are strained, lifeless, and hurting brought back to a place of health, intimacy, and trust. We want to make our marriage intensive therapy available to all who desire to renew, refresh or restore their marriages for each other and for future generations.

The Clearing is a channel of healing for our culture – one marriage at a time.
— Margit Riley, Clearing Co-Founder

WE HAVE OBSERVED THAT:          Marriage facts:

  • Traditional weekly marriage counseling often proves frustrating and insufficient for couples and therapists  alike, as much work is typically  required to resolve deep-seeded issues.
  • Four-day, small group, professionally-guided Intensives are efficient and remarkably effective.
  • Intensives have emerged as the cutting-edge marriage therapy technique.
  • Married people live longer than the unmarried or divorced.
  • Married people are more successful in careers, earn more, and accumulate more wealth.
  • Children of married couples tend to be more academically successful, more emotionally stable, and more often assume leadership roles.
  • Children with married parents have the lowest odds of poverty out of all family arrangements.